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    Air Conditioning Installation in Metamora, ILSummer temperatures in Metamora, IL are usually above 80 degrees and with humidity levels to match. We at Accurate Heating & Cooling always advise our customers to have their AC installation conducted before the summer season starts. There is a saying that “nothing lasts forever,” and it is absolutely true of air conditioners. If your unit is over ten years old and the house isn’t as cool as you’d like it may be time to consider a new AC installation. We are your go-to air conditioning installation team!

    Picking an AC replacement is not as easy as you might think. There are a bewildering number of models on the market, and it is important to select the most appropriate unit for the needs of your budget, family, and home. Accurate Heating & Cooling is the leading AC service provider and installation expert in Metamora

    Signs You need a New Air Conditioner Installation
    • It is over ten years old.
    • Higher energy bills.
    • It is starting to need more frequent repairs
    • High humidity levels in your home
    • Reduced airflow and/or weak cooling or warm air coming from the unit.

    AC Replacements and Air Conditioning Installation

    AC Replacements and Air Conditioning InstallationSome of these problems may be reduced by having a regular service from one of Accurate Heating & Cooling highly trained engineers. But an older unit is not going to be as efficient as a newer model. Finding parts for an older unit is getting more and more difficult because older models used coolants that are dangerous to your home and family.

    There are also environmental issues, if your unit uses ozone-depleting chemicals such as Freon (R22) for coolant, obtaining this coolant is increasingly difficult as it is no longer made and difficult to find which means it is also more expensive.

    A new air conditioner installation will require an investment but will save you money in the longer term as it is more energy-efficient and needs less maintenance. Accurate Heating & Cooling is passionate about the Energy Star program and is well educated on which products are best for different types of spaces.

    Accurate Heating & Cooling Keeping Metamora Safe.

    Accurate Heating & Cooling have been serving the community of Metamora for a long time. The people of the area trust us because we have built a hard-earned reputation for quality work at affordable prices.

    It is important to have trust in the engineers involved in your air conditioner installation. Our team members will be on time for their appointments, clean up any mess when finished, and ensure the safety of your home. Our work is guaranteed and if there is a problem do not hesitate to get in touch, we will send out a friendly pro to sort the issue out.

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    Whatever your needs you can rest assured that we install only the best quality units at prices to suit everyone. If you need an AC replacement, then call Accurate Heating & Cooling today. We are also here for any air conditioning repair jobs. Looking for heating services? We offer furnace installation as well.