Home Energy Saving Tips for the Spring

April 18, 2020

As a homeowner, you want to save as much money as possible without sacrificing indoor comfort. Of course, this may mean investing a little now so as to reap the savings in the long term. Below are some simple steps you can take to cut down on cooling costs during the summer.

Request an AC Tune-Up

Regular cooling maintenance is recommended for several reasons, but what we want to highlight right now is its ability to keep your AC working smoothly and efficiently. You can look at it negatively: A poorly maintained AC builds up dirt and debris in the filters, vents, and coils, which obstructs the airflow, puts a strain on the system and causes it to work harder to cool your home, leading to higher energy bills.

Accurate Heating & Cooling can provide annual maintenance throughout East Peoria, IL. Our technicians can perform a visual inspection, clear out all the dust from your AC’s internal components, calibrate the thermostat, and much more.

Program the Thermostat

With a calibrated thermostat, you can better take advantage of its programming capabilities. Keep the AC off when you’re asleep or when the home is unoccupied, and don’t make the interior too cold. The ENERGY STAR program recommends that the thermostat be set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Seal Up Any Drafts

Drafts in the windows and doors not only draw out the warm conditioned air in winter but also allow in the warm outdoor air in summer. You can seal these up with open-cell foam tape, vinyl tape, and other weatherstripping materials.

Add or Upgrade Insulation

The summer sun will beat down on your roof, and the heat will be absorbed by any metal sheeting or asphalt shingles and enter into the attic. With insulation, though, you can stop this heat from being transferred into your home. Consider adding more or upgrading to something with a higher R-value.

Team of NATE-Certified Technicians

Accurate Heating & Cooling is ready to serve you no matter where you live in East Peoria. Besides AC maintenance, we repair and replace both cooling and heating units and fit customers with smart thermostats as well. Call today for more information.