How to Safely Use a Space Heater

October 13, 2021
Space Heater Safety in East Peoria, IL

With cold weather coming, space heaters can provide a supplemental way of heating your home. However, over 25,000 fires a year are caused by space heaters. Here’s what you need to know to use one safely in your residence.

Choose the Right Space Heater

There are four types of space heaters. Fan-forced heaters, ceramic heaters and radiant heaters heat the room they’re in. An infrared heater only heats people and objects in front of it. Don’t buy an infrared heater and expect it to heat an entire room.

Safety Features

Look for four safety features when buying a space heater. It should have a tip-over switch to shut it off if it’s not horizontal. The space heater should have overheat protection so it shuts down if it becomes too hot. It should also have a thermostat so it turns on and off according to the temperature in the room. In addition, look for cool-touch housing so the exterior stays cool. This is especially important if you have children or pets.

Plug Directly Into an Outlet

You shouldn’t plug a space heater into a power strip, especially if other electronics also use it. Instead, plug it directly into an outlet. Nor should you use an extension cord. It increases the risk of a fire.

Placement of a Space Heater

Place the space heater at least three feet away from anything that can catch fire. This includes furniture, curtains, rugs and bedding. It should always be placed on the floor, not on a table or chair where it can get knocked over. Electricity and water are a deadly combination, so keep a space heater away from anywhere it can get wet.

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