Why You Should Invest in a Smart Thermostat

January 3, 2020

A smart thermostat offers a way to automate the heating and cooling of your home. These devices figure out your household’s daily patterns, such as when people are out of the house and when they go to bed. There are a few reasons to install smart thermostats, even if you already have a programmable thermostat.

They Help Lower Your Energy Bill

Smart thermostats can quickly pay for themselves in reduced energy bills. They figure out when household members leave for work, return home, and go to bed. They turn down the heat when you’re away or asleep, saving you money when the temperature of your home can be reduced.

You Can Program Them Remotely

If you leave on vacation, falling out of your routine, you can use your smartphone to control your smart thermostat. You can turn down the heat while you’re away for an extended period, saving you a lot of money. Honeywell, for instance, offers the Total Connect Comfort app to remotely access your thermostat.

You Can See Your Energy Usage in Real-Time

Smart thermostats often have companion apps that let you quickly see your energy stats. You can see what the temperature in your home is and how much you can save if you turn it down.

They Are Hassle-Free

Programmable thermostats are a definite upgrade over traditional thermostats. However, they can be difficult to use, especially when you leave on vacation and upset your normal routine. Smart thermostats offer tons of customizations and ways to save money. You can tweak them to save energy, and they can do this on their own without any input from you.

Who Can Help Install a Smart Thermostat?

The team at Accurate Heating & Cooling is based in East Peoria, Illinois. We employ NATE-certified technicians, and our services include managing heating and cooling systems. We can repair, install, and maintain your heating and/or cooling unit. Call Accurate Heating & Cooling for help with all your HVAC needs.