Reset Your Furnace or Heat Pump

January 10, 2022
Furnace Reset in East Peoria, IL

While a furnace or heat pump is one of the most important pieces of household equipment we use, it’s also very frustrating when it suddenly breaks down and we’re left in the cold while waiting on a repair technician to arrive. No one wants to be cold, and no one wants to waste energy on a broken furnace. Luckily, you can easily learn how to reset a furnace yourself. Here’s how:

1. Restart an Electric Furnace With the Reset Button

Turn off the circuit breaker if you don’t see a power switch on your furnace. Open up the housing and find the reset button on the side of the motor. Press it until you hear a click sound. This should start the gas valve; the ignitor should glow, and the fan should start.

2. Restart a Gas Furnace With the Reset Button

Ensure the pilot light isn’t on. Open the cover to the burner and turn it, so the pilot light is pointed toward you. If a float inside the furnace rises, it should push the lever that opens both the gas valve and shutoff valve. Then the gas valve should open, and the fan should start.

3. Restart an Oil Furnace With the Reset Button

The reset button is on the side of the motor, and it raises a disk on the side of the valve. The disk prevents oil from draining to the burner if it has just been turned off, but when you press the reset button, it lowers and oil drains to the burner. The motor will spin, and the fan will turn on.

4. Reset a Heat Pump With the Reset Button

If your heat pump has a thermostat, you may have more options than just resetting the heating system with a reset button. In these cases, the heat pump has a ‘manual override’ or ’emergency’ button, which allows you to set temperatures manually. Check the user manual for instructions if yours does not have such a button.

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