Should I Turn Off My Gas Furnace in the Summer?

April 12, 2021
Furnace Reset in East Peoria, IL

Summertime in East Peoria, IL, is hot and humid. You’ll have no need for heating during these months, so you might wonder whether or not you should turn off your gas furnace. It’s a good idea for your safety and your wallet to do this. Shutting down the furnace only takes a few minutes, and it could save you $5 or more every month.

Update Thermostat Setting

The first step to turning off your furnace for the summertime involves updating your thermostat settings. Set the thermostat to cool. On this setting, it won’t trigger any heating cycles, even if the nighttime temperature becomes chilly.

Turn Off Pilot

If your furnace has a pilot that’s always burning, it will use gas 24/7. During the summer, this wastes $5 or more every month. Locate the gas supply valve to your furnace’s pilot light. Turn off the gas supply. If your furnace has a hot-surface ignition, you can still turn off the gas supply, but doing so won’t affect your natural gas bill.

Shut Off Furnace Power

Locate the power switch for your furnace. It may be a lever or a flip-style switch. Push it to the “off” position. Go to your circuit breaker. Find the circuit for the furnace. Gas furnaces use electricity to power the blower, sensors, and safety system. Turn off the breaker for the furnace. Doing this will eliminate any “ghost” power use from the furnace during the summertime.

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