Signs Your Thermostat Should Be Repaired

July 16, 2020

As durable as your thermostat is, it doesn’t last forever. Wear and tear over time means that you have to repair the device sooner or later. Let’s dive into some signs your thermostat should be repaired.

Broken Interface

A broken interface is a sign that you need to seek repair. This can be a dim interface that can’t achieve normal brightness or one with a few dead pixels. While it might be tempting to ignore this sign because it isn’t too serious, it is just delaying the inevitable. A broken interface can quickly lead to bigger and more serious problems in the future. Thermostat repair can fix all of the above and let you view all the info on your thermostat.


An unresponsive thermostat also needs to be repaired. When you press the buttons or touch the screen, it should respond immediately. Even a slight delay means that the wiring within the device has been compromised in some way. In the worst-case scenario, you can’t change the temperature to your liking at all. You should look into repair without hesitation as an unresponsive thermostat doesn’t provide the right functionality. One day, you will desperately need to change the temperature and lack the means to do so.

Constant Beeping

Constant beeping from your thermostat isn’t a good sign either. While some beeps when you press the buttons are normal, it shouldn’t be overly noisy all the time. In many thermostat models, this is the standard protocol for alerting the user that something is wrong. Look at the user’s manual for your thermostat, and see what the sequence of beeps and lights is supposed to mean.

Repairing Your Thermostat

These are some keys signs your thermostat should be repaired. Accurate Heating & Cooling in East Peoria, IL, can fix your thermostat in a matter of hours. We also have a lot of experience with heating, cooling and other HVAC systems. Get in touch today for an estimate and other advice about your thermostat!