Why Humidifiers Are Used More With Heating Systems

October 20, 2020

Winters in East Peoria, IL, are known for their cold, dry air. When your heating system turns on, this dries the air in your home even more. Read on to learn why humidifiers are used more with heating than cooling and how using a humidifier could improve your comfort and health.

How Your Home’s Heating System Affects Humidity

Your home’s heating system decreases the relative humidity level of your home’s air. The warm air has a higher saturation point for water molecules. When the amount of water molecules in the air stays the same but the temperature goes up, the air gets drier. The low humidity in your home may cause you to feel colder than the actual air temperature. You might end up tinkering with the thermostat and turning it up to feel more comfortable.

Effects of Low Humidity on Your Body

Low humidity causes your skin and hair to be dry. The dryness can lead to cracking and irritation. Low humidity also causes your mucous membranes to dry out, which increases your risk of respiratory infections. Using a humidifier restores the balance of warmth and humidity.

The Ideal Indoor Humidity Level

You feel most comfortable when the indoor humidity level is 40% to 50%. The winter air in your home could be as low as 10% to 20% humidity. At this level, you’ll notice a static electricity buildup. In the summer, humidity levels are usually high and range from 60% to 80%. Your cooling system removes some humidity from the air, but your heating system won’t add humidity. That’s why humidifiers are needed in the winter. They work with your heating system and can even be built into the ducts to add moisture.

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