Why Is My Furnace So Loud?

December 10, 2019

Furnaces aren’t supposed to make excessive noise. When they do, this means they are probably in need of repair. What type of sound your furnace is making can lend insight into what’s wrong with it. Sounds you never want to hear your furnace making are rattling, banging, whistling and loud scraping.

Debris Caught in the System

If debris is stuck in your furnace, you may hear a rattling or thwapping sound when it runs. A heating repair company can safely remove the debris for you. Accurate Heating & Cooling is a heating company in East Peoria, IL, that can fix any problem with your unit.

Clogged Air Filter

This is one of the few causes behind a noisy furnace that you can fix yourself. Just change the air filter and the noise will stop. However, you should never allow your air filter to cause furnace problems before changing it. Stay on top of cleaning, it is based on manufacturer recommendations to avoid furnace problems that can be costly. A clogged air filter doesn’t just cause annoying noise. Dirty air filters can increase energy bills and damage the furnace. They can also be fire hazards and pose health issues as well.

Loose Blower Fan

Scraping noises from the furnace might mean the blower fan has become loose. You should turn off the furnace when it makes scraping sounds to prevent excessive damage to the appliance. Sharp metals are usually hitting each other when you hear scraping sounds.

The Burners Are Dirty

If you hear a loud bang when the furnace turns on, then the burners are probably dirty. This is a dangerous problem because gas is building up and exploding, resulting in the sound you hear. Other potential causes behind a banging noise are broken and disconnected parts. You should turn off the furnace if it makes banging sounds and wait for a technician to repair it.

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